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About Our Dealership:

Les Loy, the owner of LA Auto Rack, has been in the automobile industry for 41 years and for over 30 years was a used car buyer for a multi-franchise dealership consisting of 9 different stores and locations.

About six years ago, Les moved to Moses Lake and started a small independent dealership with his wife, Debbie Loy. Debbie came into the auto industry after owning a ranch where she trained champion reigning horses for 20 years. Les says about Debbie that in six years of working in the business with him, she has become one of the best car buyers he has ever worked with and has amassed a great knowledge of the industry and the ins and outs of running an independent dealership. Les and Debbie moved to Moses Lake from Elk, Washington due to Les’ health and have integrated themselves into the community, making Moses Lake their home. They have sponsored many athletes and sports teams from both the local high school and from Big Bend Community College.

Starting LA Auto, Les brought along Eddie Garza who has worked closely with Les for over 15 years. Eddie, a veteran sales representative and sales manager, was born and raised in the Columbia Basin area and has dedicated his services to helping the community from which he was raised.

Here at LA Auto, it is our mission to give everyone a fair chance at buying a vehicle with fair prices. LA Auto, where your family is our family.